Tapok 2013 in Niagara Falls

History of KI Toronto

A Brief History of the Kagay-anon International-Toronto Chapter

by Willa Along-Neri

On the photo-is our first ever fiesta picnic held in a nearer park-were the old members-the Genio family-who resided in Dolores St. in Cagayan, the Tampus family-from Nazareth, Vilma Leyritana & husband from Puntod or Macabalan, Dario Ubalde & family from Gingoog but studied in XU, Albert Walter & family, & sister Wally Walter, & others.

The Kagay-anon International-Toronto Chapter is an organization founded by three immigrants from Cagayan de Oro, who came to Canada in the 1970′s. Betsy Walter Abarquez, Willa Along-Neri & Guimoy Puyo, were the first three Kagay-anons who enthusiastically have initiated to form a group of Kagay-anons here in Toronto in 1980. It was based on the encouragement by Roy Gaane-a Kagay-anon from Los Angeles,California. When it was known that more & more Kagay-anons were found & living everywhere from all over the United States & in Canada, and so the name Kagay-anon International was born.Then the first few chapters were organized all over the USA & & we are the only chapter in Canada. Phone calls & newsletters, were our only means of communication at that time then.

From our newly organized chapters in USA & Toronto, a vision of a Tapok was born.Tapok is an international gathering of Kagay-anons all over the world & is sponsored by a willing chapter to host the big reunion. Chicago Chapter hosted the first tapok in 1980, then the second one in Los Angeles in 1984, & Toronto hosted it in 1986-the third tapok.From that time on there were many chapters that were organized & more tapoks were hosted.

Our chapter that became more visible & recognized everywhere, has two outstanding celebrations that we celebrate every year,the Christmas Party & the Fiesta of St.Augustine.

In mid 1990′s, more new Kagay-anons arrived from our city & they were looking for our organization to accomodate them, and so the Toronto Chapter members were expanded,through the initiative of Zeny”Inday” Rebolos Uy, Guimoy, & myself.

In the year 2000 & forward,a big surprised by the Kagay-anons in USA & the world all over,as Kagay-anons of Canada are the most fast growing group to immigrate in this vast beautiful country. And the rest is history. Cheers to all Toronto Kagay-anons!